(Press release)


We, the peace activists and citizens of Pakistan and India welcome the very positive statements of the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan issued from Mohali on the side lines of the Cricket World Cup Semi Final played on 30th March 2011.


The reiteration by the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan that “the people of India and Pakistan want to live in peace and amity… that there are difficulties in the way but we will make every honest effort to overcome those difficulties.. (and seek) the resolution of all issues through dialogue and that the two PMs have committed their governments to work in that direction”, can change the course of history and bring peace and prosperity to the entire region.


The recognition of “poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment as the common enemy” and the need to put the “ancient animosities” behind to work for “permanent reconciliation” and “cooperative solutions” embodies the only vision and way that can bring peace to the subcontinent and enable the people of both India and Pakistan “to live together in dignity and honour”.    


The “Mohali Magic” has created a new spirit by bringing everyone from the people to the Prime Ministers together for the same cause that is dear to and in the interest of all. The challenge now is to continue and sustain this “Mohali Magic’ till the goal of permanent peace between India and Pakistan is achieved.


In order to follow up the Mohali declarations in letter and spirit we urge that the Governments of India and Pakistan should immediately undertake the following

1.      Dialogue at all levels needs to be initiated and made uninterrupted and uninterruptible.


2.      Relaxation of Visa regime and implementation of all the previous decisions taken by both the governments in letter and spirit such as:

a)      Visa on arrival for senior citizens and children below 12 years

b)      Easy availability of Visas for accredited journalists.


a)      Along with this, both the governments should relax the visa regime to enable easy availability of visas for divided families, artists, writers, civil society activists and business community

b)      Bilateral introduction of tourist visas should also be considered and visas should not be city specific as is the practice now.

c)      People of both the countries face immense hardship as visas are issued or denied at the last minute by both the authorities. We demand that action for the issue of visa (or denial of visa if required in some cases) should be taken and communicated to the concerned party at least 8 days prior to the date of proposed journey.


3.      Immediate resolution of all outstanding issues like Sir Creek and Siachen.

4.      Release fishermen languishing in each other’s jails and implementation of the Agreement on Consular Access in letter and spirit

5.      Immediate implementation of the unanimous recommendations of India- Pakistan Judicial Committee on Prisoners of August 2008. We urge that this Committee to be reactivated and strengthened.

6.      Removal of trade barriers and opening up of trade relations to capitalize the economic potential of both the countries for the prosperity of our people.

7.      Set up joint mechanism to fight terrorism which is threatening democracy, socio-economic stability and peace in the region.

8.      Both countries should announce 10% reduction in defense expenditure immediately and follow it in succeeding years.

9.      We urge both the governments to immediately initiate the process of demilitarization, denuclearization and sign a No War Pact.


(The Lead Organisations for the Partners in Victory- Flags for Peace Campaign were COVA, Folklore Research Institute and Yuvsatta from India and PPC, Ajoka and Institute for Peace and Secular Studies, Pakistan.)   

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