Daya Varma


Faced with recurrent economic crises, characteristic of capitalist economy but certainly not the crisis of capitalism as Sami Amin puts it, eminent economists and the so-called bourgeois press has discovered the relevance of Marxism in understanding why things are as they are. Paradoxically they are more truthful in their analysis of Marx than many Marxist political parties.


In the March 26 (Saturday) issue of the Toronto-base Globe and Mail, appeared a full-page article “Springtime for Marx” by Elizabeth Renzetti. She provides a number of important quotes from Marx. Under a portrait of Marx is inscribed “Karl Marx has been called ‘a thinker or the 21st century.’ 


She writes:

“It is the most-visited grave in the [Highgate, London] cemetery…One of the volunteers at the cemetery, where fewer than a dozen mourners gathered at his funeral [in 1883] says, “we get lots of Chinese visitors. They seem to think he’s the greatest man who ever lived.”       

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