The Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (CRG or the Calcutta Research Group) in collaboration with various other institutions has held in the in the last six years three critical studies conferences.  The first conference held in 2005 was on  What is Autonomy?  The second conference held in 2007 was on  Spheres of Justice . The third conference held in 2009 was on  Empires, States, and Migration . The aim of these exchanges of ideas and scholarly works has been to promote critical thinking on issues affecting our lives. These exchanges have been inter-disciplinary, intense, and directed towards new thinking and ideas.


The Fourth Critical Studies Conference will be held in Kolkata on 08-10 September 2011.


The theme is – Development, Logistics, and Governance


The University of Western Sydney and the University of Bologna will collaborate with CRG in holding the conference. The conference will be preceded by a special workshop on  Transit Labour , which will engage in a comparative study of labour in transit, emergence of new forms of labour, and labour involved in logistical activities.


(For information contact Ranabir Samaddar;

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