Daya Varma


Having militarily annihilated LTTE and won presidential and parliamentary election, the Sri Lankan President is promising to embark on a comprehensive policy to deal with all problems facing his country including the Tamil question.


Basking on the glory of having eliminated LTTE, Mahinda Rajapaksa won the elections and was sworn as the President of Sri Lanka for the second time on November 19, 2010.


The factors which led to the birth of LTTE still exist. Atrocities committed against Tamil civilians  during the battle against LTTE are fresh in the memories. This much Rajapaksa seems to recognize.


In an interview with N. Ram in Colombo,  Rajapaksa  announced his determination to find a  political solution to the festering problem of Sri Lanka. He dwelt on Tamils living in camps. With Tamil voices having accepted the concept of a united Sri Lanka, the stage is set for Rajapaksa to deal with Tamil grievances in a sympathetic matter free from vengeance. 

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