The Ramjanmabhoomi- Babri Masjid Title Suit verdict may be delivered soon. The Babri Masjid demolition has been a vexed issue which led to communal violence and tension for over two decades between the two communities.


Though there have been minor irritants but largely both communities have coexisted in peace and contributed to the evolution of a composite culture of India. Sufism and rich architecture, music, language etc are all manifestation of this syncretism and this harmony. But this harmony is undermined by vested political interests in the era of identity politics. AISF appeals to everyone to give peace a chance and maintain peace before and after the verdict. We urge both the community to resist from any kind of celebrations or protests after the verdict in order to not escalate any suspicion, rumors and tension between the two communities. The law of the land should be respected. In case the verdict is unacceptable to any party, they are free to resort to constitutional mechanisms to redress their grievances.



AISF Maharashtra State Convening Committee


(Pushpa Bhave, Chairperson; Dr. Zaheer Ali; Fr. Joy Thomas

Maulana Qasmi; Dr. Suresh Khairnar)

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