Kaleem Kawaja


The shame of hosting Commonwealth games.


The collapse of the foot bridge, the bad condition of finish of the Athletes residential quarters and general bad infrastructure at the New Delhi Commonwealth Games facilities once again shows how deep seated are problems of management in most Indian Government-controlled entities.  Rampant corruption between Government  officials and construction contractors, negligence by Government officials and  general lack of responsible behaviour by concerned parties has led to substandard construction of buildings and facilities and unsafe/unhygienic conditions in the Games compound.


The officials in charge had plenty of time to complete construction and to ensure that no substandard construction woes – something endemic to India’s big cities – occur.  The Government  spent a huge amount of money and yet these awful problems occurred. It has brought very negative publicity to India’s image as a  nation of competent technocrats and managers and has sullied the nation’s reputation.


Even though much progress has been made in India in recent years the malaise of self-praise and gloating over average achievements as the world’s best, is hurting the improvement of quality in the products. Coupled with that is the tendency to take short cuts and make a quick buck. Such loss of quality control has become endemic and routine in India in recent years. The thirst for “India Shining” without putting in the needed hard work and dedication is now coming home to roost.


I hope this undesirable bloody nose will wake up the managers at the helm of affairs in the Indian Government and make them change their attitudes and arrogance.


(Washington, DC)

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