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By withdrawing from the race to Prime Minister’s position, the  Nepal Maoist leader Pushpa Dahal takes a step to resolve the political crisis in his country.


United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) [UCPN-Maoist] Chairman, Pushpa Dahal   announced on September 17 Friday that he has quit the maddening race for the post of prime minister to free the country from being hostage to indecision and uncertainty. He said that there is no meaning in continuing to contest in the prime ministerial election when seven rounds have remained fruitless.


Addressing the 12th General Convention of Nepali Congress at Khulla Manch, Dahal said Maoists were not brought into the peace process, but that the Maoists together with Nepali Congress had started the peace



“It would be wrong to say that late Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala brought the Maoists into the peace process,” he said, raising his voice against the hooting he received from the crowd of mostly NC (Nepalese Congress) activists and sympathizers. “I and Girija Prasad Koirala together started this peace process.”


Braving the slight drizzle and dip in temperature on a mostly overcast day, the fiery Maoist speaker further said that the Maoists agreed to sign the 12-point deal that formed the basis for the peace process not to come into the mainstream of national politics, but to give the country “a new political mainstream”.


“We are here to build a new political mainstream for the country, not to be part of the existing structure, and till the time you all don’t realize this fact, the country is bound to suffer,” he said.

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