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 Published by: AISF (All India Secular Froum)

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About the book:


The book is essentially a compilation of articles and essays written by scholars and activists on the acts of terror indulged in by the Hindutva forces. The book intends on violating the myth that all terrorist acts are carried out only by Muslims. This book brings out evidence of acts of terrorism carried out by Hindutva outfits from all over India. It will help us to critically reflect at terrorism and trend of branding and criminalizing a community. This book neatly puts terrorism into perspective along with exploring the complicit role of the state in a democracy in the perpetuation of such outfits and acts which leads to the stigmatization and discrimination against one community. It exposes the threat of the Hindutva outfits that are using systematized force and violence which proves detrimental to peace and communal violence.


Table of Contents


1. In Lieu of Introduction: Terrorism: Scapegoats and Holy Cows

– Ram Puniyani

2. Saffron Terror – Subhash Gatade

3. Malegaon, Modassa and Mehrauli Blasts

– Subhash Gatade

4. MOssad, CIA connection to Mumbai Terror attacks

– Yoginder Sikand

5. And Now Hindu Terrorists

– Asghar Ali Engineer

6. Resurgent Hindutva Terror in Goa

– Subhash Gatade

7. Jehadi and Sadhvi

– Ram Puniyani

8. Rise of Hindutva Terrorism

– Praveen Swami

9. Madhay Pradesh: Refuge of terrorists

– L.S. Hardenia

10. Is RSS a Terrorist Organization

– Ram Puniyani

11. From Murder Mystery to Spy Thriller: The Continuing Saga of The Mumbai Terror Attacks

– Raveena Hansa

12. Book Review; Who killed Karkare: Real Face of Terrorism in India

– M. Zeyaul Haque



1.1  A report on the attack on RSS Headquarters in Nagpur June 2006:

– Justice Kolse Patil, Dr. Suresh Khairnar

1.2  A report on bomb blast at the house of prominent RSS activist in Nanded, Maharashtra

– by Dr. Suresh Khairnar, Ahmad Kadar and Arvind Ghosh, Secular Citizen’s Forum & PUCL, Nagpur, May 2006

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