For Communal Harmony in the Country and Just Peace in Jammu & Kashmir  (October 2, 6 to 7 pm)


The Judgment of the Allahabad High Court scheduled on 30th October and the turmoil in Kashmir for over three months have become matters of concern. Any violence after the verdict or the continuation of the turmoil in Kashmir would lead to grave human suffering and cause serious damage to the fabric of peace. In order to propagate the necessity to maintain communal harmony all over the country and strive for a just solution for the problem of Jammu & Kashmir that is festering for over 60 years, it is proposed to organize simultaneous Prayer Meetings and Candle Light Vigils for “Communal Harmony in the Country and Just Peace in Jammu & Kashmir” on 2nd October 2010 from 6 pm to 7 pm in different cities and towns all over the country.


 Groups and organizations are requested to offer to facilitate this event in their town / city by associating other groups and organizations and fixing the venue. Apart from inviting religious leaders from different faiths and members of the public the facilitators are also requested to solicit the presence of the members of Parliament and Assemblies of their areas.


Many organizations in different cities / towns have come forward to organize the event. The list of cities / towns with details of venue, facilitating organizations and contact numbers is listed below. If some one is facilitating the event in your city you can join and collaborate. If your city / town is not listed below and you wish to organize the event, then please involve as many groups and organizations as possible and send the information to us for wider propagation so that others in your city can also join you.


Groups and organizations offering to facilitate the Prayers and Candle Light Vigils are requested to provide the following information:

 Collaborating Organisations:


Apsa, Aman Vedika, Apna Watan,  Asha Parivar, Ayodhya Ki Awaz , CHATRI, Coalition for Peace and Harmony,  CKGPC, COVA, COVAN Kurnool, EKTA Parishad, FOCUS, Folklore Research, Forum for Better Hyderabad, Guild of Service, ICAN, Indialogue Foundation,  J&K RTI Movement, Mahita,  NAPM, NOVA Nellore, ONVA Warangal, Phoenix, PUSH, PWS,  PUCAAR, PUCL Rajasthan, Sahajeevan, Right to Walk Foundation, Sakshi, Samhita,  SANSAD, SOUL, United form for RTI,  VAN Guntur, VAN Prakasam, Voluntary Asso.Nzb , War Widows Association, WIPSA, World Council of Arya Samaj, Yuvasatta,  Yuva Samvad



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