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I request you to look it up and give us your suggestions and advice for improving the page.



The objective of this web-page is to develop a repository of informative article, news stories and documents. We hope this will be f use to journalists, academics and students who look for information f current affairs on Sri Lanka. 


We also plan to create a “discussion forum” in this web-page. This will be open to those who register for the forum. Each member will be given a “user name’ and a “password” and informed how to access the forum. The idea is that interested persons can put up their views, exchange information and hold discussions on related topics. As this will  be available only to registered users, it will be secure. However, as we know nothing is absolutely secure in his world.


Let me know whether this is a useful initiative. Also we request you to link this URL with your create links with your blogs and websites so that any one visiting your site may be enabled to directly access this web page.


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