Amid deepening political crisis, the ruling CPN-UML has come up with a roadmap for the future political course.


CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, in his political proposal passed by an emergency meeting of the central committee (CC)  proposed way outs on formation of a national unity government, resolving the issue of Maoist combatants and writing a new constitution, among other issues.


The UML has said that a new government can be formed once the major political parties enter into a written agreement on some specific, contentious issues that have surfaced in recent days.


The issues are returning property seized during the insurgency to the rightful owners, disbanding of the paramilitary structure of the Maoist Young Communist League (YCL), formation of a state restructuring commission, bringing the Maoist combatants under the control and direction of the government’s special committee and categorizing them into separate cantonments for purposes of integration and rehabilitation.


“Formation of the national consensus government can be initiated immediately after we reach a consensus on the issues; come up with clear terms of reference and timeline and sign an agreement to this effect,” said the proposal passed unanimously by the party´s all-powerful body. According to central member Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, some members taking part in the meeting gave some feedback for amendments to the proposal.


* Govt formation immediately after written agreement on army integration, YCL, return of property and power sharing with timeline


* PM to step down following agreement


* Disband of YCL´s paramilitary structure within week of agreement


* UNMIN should provide all details to special committee


It has suggested forming the new government through national consensus, and deciding the leadership, power-sharing, and the policy and programs of the coalition, also through consensus. After that the UCPN (Maoist) needs to call off all protest programs. “Then, the prime minister shall issue a statement supporting the national consensus and pave the way for formation of a national unity government,” reads the proposal.


While the party at its previous CC meeting kept the options open for forming a national consensus government, the latest meeting has come up with a concrete proposal on government formation and for ending the protracted political deadlock.


On integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants, the party has suggested immediately bringing them under the special committee formed by the government for supervision, integration and rehabilitation of the former rebel fighters. It has said that UNMIN, the United Nations Mission in Nepal, has to provide all details about the combatants to the special committee.


After separating the injured, the physically challenged and nursing mothers beforehand, the rest of the fighters should be given the choice of voluntary retirement, rehabilitation in society or possible integration into various security agencies, the UML proposal said.


Those aspiring to join the security agencies have to meet the established standards of the respective security force. The UML has argued that “established standards” will mean the standards as defined by the existing security laws and working procedures. “While taking decisions, the recommendations given by the technical committee formed under the special committee and the past agreement on management of arms and armies need to be taken into consideration,” it said. The options for rehabilitation will remain open for those who fail to qualify for integration as per the established standards.


UML is for finalizing through a political agreement the number of fighters to be integrated and the security agencies in which they will be accommodated.


On the YCL, it has said the paramilitary structure of the youth wing needs to be disbanded within a week after signing the agreement document. “Public as well as private buildings occupied by YCL formations shall be vacated immediately. Thereafter, all such barracks structures shall be declared illegal and necessary action will be taken if these are still found anywhere,” UML said.


The ruling party is for extending the term of the Constituent Assembly (CA) after making amendments to the constitution. It has, however, not recommended any length for extension.


In a review of the row over dismissal of the army chief, the UML has suggested further clarifying the provisions on appointment and firing of the army chief in the Military Act, as per the spirit of the Interim Constitution.

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