Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Chairman, United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (UCPN-Maoist) has been staying at Dwarika Resort, Dhulikhel, to write a political document to be presented at the party central committee meeting. Accompanied by his aides and security guards, Dahal reached the resort at 10 in the morning and has been busy with analyzing the yearlong performance of the party and future course of action.


The Maoist leaders during the last politburo meeting had demanded that the chairman present a written document at the forthcoming central committee meeting. Leaders close to Dahal say Dahal´s document will incorporate all the issues the party is facing including the next strategic move in the face of growing polarization between the “patriots” and left forces and the non-Maoist political parties.


“Besides an analysis of the party’s performance last year, the chairman will chart out a strategy to deal with the current situation,” said Maoist leader Shakti Basnet, who is close to Dahal. According to him, Dahal will formally document the party’s proposal for a consensus system, instead of the current majority system, besides the resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal paving the way for a national unity government and extension of the Constituent Assembly (CA) deadline.


“If these demands are not met, the party will not lend support for CA deadline extension and that would further polarize the Nepali politics,” says Basnet.


“As things stand now, the party should move towards revolutionary director in wake of its repeated failure to achieve the compromised goals during the last four years,” says party politburo member Narayan Sharma. According to him, the party will adopt a “tit for tat” method as a fitting reply to the status quoists and the regressive political parties.

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