CERAS mourns the passing of Hari Sharma and offers condolences to his comrades, friends and family.  Many of us in CERAS had a long association with Hari and worked with him in many organizations and coalitions dedicated to democracy for all in India, the Indian sub-continent and many parts of the world.


At different periods in world history, Hari was part of pivotal coalitions and groupings that played  significant roles in struggles for democracy and justice.  His energy, enthusiasm, warmth and commitment were elemental to the foundation and continued existence of many of these groups.  More recently, Hari won the support and admiration of younger people from the next generation.  His passing is a very deeply felt loss for all of us as we struggle in these difficult times for peace, justice, democracy and genuine secularism.  We are filled with sadness at this moment, but our best memorial to him will be to continue these struggles and keep contributing to the work of which he was an integral part.

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