Dear friends and supporters,  Compassionate academic Scholar, left wing intellectual, civil rights activist, a great human being, and an undefeated political leader Hari Sharma was defeated yesterday by aching cancer disease at the age of 75.


He was a mentor and with his dynamic personality at all times, he remained as a towering figure in the resistance movement. He always preached and practiced human rights activism with his set principles of humanism and vision of a united humanity by bringing people together who have worked through their lives for a world free of imperialist domination, militarism, state oppression, racism and class, caste and religious oppression. He seemed to enjoy every aspect of his life whether in a seminar or while chanting in a rally or being in a debate over a social issue at his home in Burnaby. After Hari’s passing, let us feel not less but more active and persistent to achieve the goal of eradicating the hate, oppression and inequality and to bring back the harmony, peace and justice in this world.. His legacy will live through, however he will missed by all… 

Sharing with you some of the photographs of Hari Bhai that we took in August last year while visiting him at his place.  In solidarity, Members and Executive


“Keep the struggling spirit for PEACE alive and work together to bridge the gap between the world that we want and the world that we have..”


(sent by Shahzad Nazir Khan)

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