OBITUARY: Comrade Kanu Sanyal (1932-2010)

Santosh Rana


The CPI(ML) PCC dips its red banner in memory of comrade Kanu Sanyal, the legendary leader of Naxalbari peasant uprising. Com Kanu Sanyal expired on 23 March, 2010.


Com Kanu Sanyal had joined the communist movement as a young student in Siliguri in the fifties. He had organized innumerable struggles of the workers and peasants and was imprisoned in 1962, 1965, 1968 and 1970-1978. In 1967, he was one of the leaders of the great Naxalbari peasant uprising. He was a founder-member of the CPI(ML) and on 1st May, 1969, he announced the formation of the CPI(ML) in a public meeting held in Kolkata.


After the setback and the split in the CPI(ML), he tried to organize the communist revolutionaries first in OCCR, then the COI(ML) and after several mergers the CPI(ML).


His long political life of more than fifty years was dedicated to the service of the people. He fought against modern revisionism and ultra-Left sectarianism and had a firm belief in the ultimate victory of socialism.


He will ever be remembered by the people of India for his dedication to the cause of new democratic revolution.


(Santosh Rana is the General Secretary, PCC – CPI(ML); Posted by ‘For A New Democracy’ on March 24)

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