The central committee (CC) meeting of the main opposition party Unified CPN (Maoist) failed to take decision on proposed expansion of the party’s CC, politburo and standing committee (SC) on Tuesday as well.


Failing to finalise names of the 35 new CC members, the meeting has forwarded the dispute to be resolved through state committees. The internal dispute has become sour after the proposal floated for expansion of CC, politburo and SC.


The state committees have been instructed to shorten the list and forward the final list of people to be included in party’s CC, politburo and SC. The state committee in-charges have started discussion on the entrusted task from today.


The party plans to expand the existing 140-member CC to 175 members, politburo from 44 members to 55 and the 15-member SC to 17 members.


The state committee in-charges will also prepare an outline of the future protest strategies of the party and table it before the CC for approval.



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