Kaleem Kawaja


“In my opinion Jinnah was an excellent politician.  So he played tricks like asking a Hindu to write Pakistan’s national anthem and making a statement that Pakistan will be a secular nation.” This is the first paragraph of Kawaja’s article.


All this after running a strong Two Nation Theory campaign throughout India emphasizing that Muslims and Hindus were two separate people who simply can not live together.  Also, after organizing the Direct Action Day threatening violence and civil war, if the separate Muslim nation of Pakistan was not created.


All these outstanding politicians like Jinnah, Nehru, Azad, and Patel played their strengths to demonstrate that they were great men; hence even if they utter and act in contradictory manner it is still ok.


But ask the poor Hindu or Muslim or Sikh woman whose husband or son was brutally killed or who was brutally raped in the name of preserving the glory of Islam or Hinduism; whose house was burnt down and who became homeless for the next 50 or 60 years of her life, until God took mercy on her and ended her miserable, lonely and desperate existence.


So please, we the children of a lesser God appeal in the name of humanity not to play such cruel jokes on us.  It hurts too much.

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