We pay respectful homage to the memory of the 5 Mayday martyrs of Chicago, the 104 martyrs of the Samyukta Maharashtra movement. Today workers have rights because of their struggle and sacrifice.

The main task of this year’s Mayday before the working class is :

1. “Unite the working people to defeat the anti-worker, anti farmer, anti people, anti Maharashtra, and anti national policies of the  Modi government and its allies.”

2. Unitedly defeat the dirty, poisonous, divisive communal hate politics of Modi-Shah .

Since Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, there has been a systematic attack on  the rights of workers and farmers. The laws won by 125 years of worker struggle and sacrifices have all  been scrapped in the name of 4 Shram Samhitas. This is the most serious attack on the Indian working class in our history . If Modi government is not defeated in the 2024 Lok Sabha election , the shram samhitas will take effect , trade unions will be finished and workers will again become slaves.

The economic policies of the Modi government , the so-called Gujarat Model, are against the interests of the nation. With no stable employment for our youth, there is increasing unemployment. Through the outsourcing policy of the Shinde- Phadnavis government, or the Agnipath scheme , all new employment is temporary , contract or casual, use and throw type. Because of no employment in our country, our youth are risking death to find work in war zones of Ukraine, Russia and Israel

If Modi is not defeated in 2024, in the next three years, through the National Monetization Policy  the  railway lines, stations and trains, entire Konkan railway, BSNL Towers,  Coal Mines, Gas and oil pipelines, Government food godowns, 25 airports, nine major ports, thousands of kilometers of roads, electricity transmission lines, huge stock of government land and buildings …will be handed over to big corporates. Two persons are selling and  two persons are buying the nation , all four are from Gujarat.

By notebandi and demonetization Modi crushed the small traders and manufacturers for the benefit of big online corporations like Amazon, Jio and Walmart.  By National Education Policy 2020, Modi is closing government schools,  replacing right to quality education for all,  by  corporate digital media  and online instruction controlled and dominated by corporate-RSS nexus.

Agencies like the ED, CBI, NIA and IT, are being misused to  choke democracy, to attack and blackmail the opposition parties, silence questions, arrest honest journalists like Newsclick head Shri Purkayastha , and opposition leaders like Shri Kejriwal and Hemant Soren .

Corporate controlled godi media is spreading fake news, and communal hate politics with the intention of creating communal polarization before elections. Even the PM himself delivers poisonous communal speeches in election rallies, while the Election Commission shuts its eyes and ears.

Under Shinde-Phadnavis government important projects like Vedanta Foxconn semiconductor plant, Boeing Aircraft plant etc. were shifted from Maharashtra to Gujarat.

The working class must defeat this nefarious Modi-Shah politics in order to defend our rights, defend the constitution, save Maharashtra and save the country.  This is the historic task of all working people in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

“Defeat the anti-worker, anti farmer, anti people, anti Maharashtra, and anti national policies of the  Modi government and its allies.”

Kamgar ki Pukar

Ab ki Baar,

BJP ki haar,

Modi Satta se baahar.

INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AICCTU, NTUI, BKSM, TUCI,  Teacher unions, Bank and Insurance Union Federations, State Government Employees Unions, Shramik Ekta Manch etc..

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