Teesta Setalvad has been arrested by the Gujarat ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad). She will be brought to court by the ATS after twenty-four hours. The court will remand Teesta to police custody for ten days. Her lawyers will be frantically filing applications in various courts. They will also make desperate attempts to move the Supreme Court.

But nothing will happen. Teesta will be kept in prison for many years. The former Gujarat cadre police officer from Kerala, Mr. R. B. Sreekumar, who had fought valiantly against Modi has also been arrested. He too will be forced to rot in prison. Gautam Navlakha is in prison for three years. Father Stan Swami was killed in prison. G. N. Saibaba has been sentenced to prison long back. From Umar Khalid to Khalid Saifi, it is the same story. There is not a single piece of evidence against such dozens of prisoners. Their only crime is raising their voice against corrupt politicians.

It is not as if the court has become deaf, dumb, and blind. The court is operating on Modi’s orders, just like the election commission and the media. The process has gathered pace, especially after 2019. Judges involved in covering up Judge Loya’s murder have been promoted to the Supreme court. Justice Lalit with the RSS connections, who was Amit Shah’s lawyer in the encounter case will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court next month.

Only idiots will be surprised by the Supreme Court’s judgement on Zakia Jafari’s petition against Modi which came out yesterday. Indian courts are being deployed to take revenge on each individual who dares to expose Modi’s criminal activities. Courts have a long list of such individuals, and they are working overtime punishing them.

Indian Police Services officer Sanjeev Bhat is in prison for three years for custodial torture of a prisoner. What’s interesting is that even the police admitted that Sanjeev had never met that man. Even more interesting is that the man was never tortured.  Most interesting of all, the man did not die in custody. But the trial court did not allow Sanjeev’s lawyer to argue his case in the court. He was not allowed to present even a single witness. He was not allowed to cross-examine the witnesses produced by the government. He was not allowed to present evidence on behalf of Sanjeev. For the past two years, Sanjeev’s bail application is lying with the Supreme court’s registry. Forget about fixing a hearing, even a bench has not been constituted to decide the bail application.

The destruction of India’s justice system will have terrible consequences for both country and society. Democracy collapses completely when people’s last recourse to justice is blocked and turned against them. It is not as if everything was fine with the courts earlier and took a U-turn after Modi came to power. However, at least in many cases, it was expected that the High Court or the Supreme Court will do justice by punishing the guilty and freeing the innocent. If not in every case, at least in some cases. Now that hope is completely gone. India’s judiciary has turned into the judiciary in any totalitarian regime now, like Russia, China, and Egypt.

Democracy is over in India. Only the elections remain. And the buildings of the parliament and the courts.

(Translated from Hindi By Ajay Bhardwaj)

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