Dear Friend, Here at Hindus for Human Rights, our primary goal has always been to mobilize Hindus around the shared vision of a progressive, inclusive Hinduism that rejects hate and division, and emphasizes the dignity and human rights of all.

That is why, in the wake of rising hate speech and violence against India’s religious minorities—in particular, our Muslim siblings—that is being spread by those claiming to act in the name of Hindus, we felt it was necessary to mobilize Hindu leaders to speak out against this hate.

Over the weekend, we released a statement condemning anti-Muslim hate, in which we proclaimed that “the time is long overdue for Hindus around the world to break our collective silence and speak out against this hate that violates the deepest teachings of our tradition.”

So far, the statement has been signed by 18 Hindu organizations and 41 Hindu leaders, from Ayodhya to Australia, representing 6 countries—and the number of signatures grows every day. Our statement has been published in The Indian Express, and has been shared widely on social media in India, the United States, and around the world. So far, it has been translated into Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu—if you or anyone you know can help us translate it into more languages, please write to us!

Together, we are sending a powerful message to the forces of division that we refuse to allow their vile hate any longer, and we certainly refuse to let it be spread in our name as Hindus. But we can’t do it alone—we need your support to continue these efforts.

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This fight is far from over. Every day, the forces of Hindu nationalism continue to rear their ugly heads in India and across the globe, and every day we continue to stand up and fight back. With your valued support, we will continue to do exactly that.

In Solidarity,

The Hindus for Human Rights Team

https://www.hindusforhumanrights.org/en/blog/statement-hindu-leaders-from-around-the-world-denounce-hate has the list of signatories.

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