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Sadhus (Hindu holy men) of India and legislators from Sindh province of Pakistan embark on a novel initiative to bring peace in the subcontinent. An admirable effort with promising consequences.


Hundreds of Sadhus in Ayodhya lead by Mahant Bhavnaath Das, chief of the Hanumangarhi temple and Ministers and legislators from the government and opposition parties in the Sindh Legislative Assembly in Karachi Pakistan became one in signing the Joint Petition against terrorism and war. This Joint Signature Campaign by Citizens of India and Pakistan against terrorism, war posturing and to promote cooperation and peace between India and Pakistan was launched on 9th January 2009 simultaneously from 22 cities in India and 17 cities in Pakistan.


Civil society organizations in both the countries are facilitating The Signature Campaign in hundreds of cities, towns and villages of India and Pakistan. Many prominent personalities like Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nisar Khuhro, Speaker of the Sindh Assembly, Members of Parliament, Editors of Newspapers, academicians, artists, scientists, social activists and others have endorsed the Petition that demands that both the governments of Pakistan and India should practice zero tolerance for religious extremism and terrorism, take appropriate actions to root out terror groups, set up joint action and investigation mechanism, desist from war posturing, address all issues through dialogue and cooperation, and follow all conventions of UN and SAARC against terrorism and for cooperation. The Petition also appeals to the media of both countries to propagate and strengthen positive attitudes for the resolution of all outstanding problems in the region. 


Public Meetings and signatures on large banners are being organized on 22nd January 2009 in over 50 cities and towns of India and 20 cities and towns of Pakistan as part of the ongoing Joint Signature Campaign and in solidarity with a delegation of 20 peace activists from Pakistan that is visiting Delhi from 21-24 January 2009 to promote peace and goodwill between the two countries. The Joint Signature Campaign will conclude on 8th February 2009.  


[Sponsors Indo-Pak Joint Signature Campaign have appealed for endorsement at; list of organizations and individuals endorsing the campaign can be obtained through COVA)

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