We are living in an unprecedented global crisis that requires a deep reflection, rethinking and dialogue among activists, organizations and social movements around the world. Critical strategies are essential, to deal with the current crises and to shape what comes next.

More than ever we need to share analysis, experiences, ideas and alternatives, in the face of growing health, social, economic, political and environmental crises.

Many networks, organizations, and social movements are engaged in national, regional, continental and worldwide discussions on the challenges in front of us.

The aim of the Global Dialogue for Systemic Change is to support this process, creating stronger links among activist groups and social movements, and bringing in a wider range of activists and organisations from Africa, Asia, South and North America and Europe. It is not our ambition to replace or attempt to centralize the multiple valuable initiatives already underway.

Over the next few months we will organise webinars in different languages addressing the key issues in our struggle for systemic change. The webinars will explore the main tasks, demands and alternatives that are needed at local, national and global levels to strengthen the connectivity and solidarity of movements, to forge a future for the people and for nature, and to overcome neoliberal globalization, capitalism, extractivism, patriarchy, xenophobia, authoritarianism, anthropocentrism, racism and militarism.

Each webinar will be co-organized by a different group of organisations and movements, based in different regions of the world. We will provide simultaneous translation in English, French and Spanish, gradually in other languages. The webinars will be streamed live through social media. encouraging interaction between participants of different countries, social sectors, genders and ages. Recordings of the webinars will be subtitled in several languages and diffused on websites and social media.

The online Global Dialogue for Systemic Change will also serve as a multilingual portal for communicating and sharing activities with similar aims.

The webinar series will build up towards online assemblies of the network. This participative process will facilitate stronger collaboration and interconnection in the emergency period of lockdown, in the transitional period and in the future.

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