The terrorist attack in Bombay has struck at the roots of the nation. It has killed 200 people including the ATS chief Hemant Karkare (who was under severe attack by RSS and Shiv Sena for arresting Malegaon blasts accused) and his high ranking colleagues, injured around 400, and created panic among the millions. All over the nation there is a feeling of grief and unease. People want to do something to stop the recurrence of such violence but there is no outlet of action they can involve in. The forces of sectarian divide present an outlet by projecting the enemy in poor neighbors and thus presenting an action that only causes genocide of innocents. Sane societies cannot accept it.


For the moment we must help the law enforcing agencies to cut the supply of ammunition and support to terrorists and communalists and stand united. We feel deeply anguished and sorry for the victims.


Below I paste a mesaage circulated by Young India.


Tomorrow I leave for Ahmedabad to pursue the efforts on education opportunities for Juhapura.


Best regards, Vipin Tripathi  (




It is just awful and rare that we have two posts for the same tragic event, which unbelievably is still ongoing. Two things have emerged – a) Pakistan as a probable base for this latest expression of inhumanity, and b) the disgusting level to which the Sangh – BJP, RSS, VHP et al would go to extract political mileage from any tragedy.


FIrst, Pakistan. At this point it is not enough for the government of Pakistan to say that there are extreme elements in every society. For far too long these elements have either enjoyed official indifference or intelligence support. Ambivalence towards entities that espouse violence must absolutely and completely end immediately in Pakistan at all levels of government and that does not exclude the army and the intelligence services. India should take Pakistan upon its offer for help but must unequivocally convey that the burden is now on Pakistan’s officialdom. We do believe that terrorism is a menace for both countries. But the time to merely utter those words seems to be over. It is time to act.


Now, on to the BJP et al. Gujarat Chief Minister and prominent BJP national “leader”, Narendra Modi, the overseer of the massacres in Gujarat 2002, shamelessly descended upon the scene of the Oberoi Hotel while rescue operations were underway! He could not desist from holding a press conference criticizing the Prime Minister and touting his measures to combat terrorism. This distasteful self-aggrandizing and disingenuous expression of sympathy must be evidence enough of the moral bankruptcy of the clan of politicians that have hijacked the sacred Hindu color saffron.


There are few words to characterize the bravery of India’s armed forces and special security forces. Ordinary policemen and citizens have acted heroically. Despite their greatest efforts innocent lives have been snatched. But this was not due to lack of trying. We salute the brave souls you have laid their lives. Just recently regional extremists, followers of Shiv Sena (another BJP affiliate), had launched an effort against non-Mumbai Indians. Obviously those cowards were nowhere to be found when the nation needed them.


This is a time that all Indians need to stand united against forces that want to break us from within and without. India cannot and will not bend but fight back with greater resolve to maintain its pluralism and promise to deliver freedom and opportunity to its people. Peace! (Team Young India, Inc.)

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