Dr. Fai (Kashmir American Council)


The Kashmir American Council like so many other organizations and individuals condemns the Mumbai terrorist attack.


Washington, D.C. November 27, 2008. The Kashmiri American Council (KAC) expressed its utter disgust at the terrorist attacks perpetrated in Mumbai, India.  Condemning the bestiality in the strongest terms, the KAC pledged to contribute, in whatever form possible, to the rehabilitation effort of the affected families.  Dismayed at the photos displaying the carnage, fleeing victims and burning buildings, Executive Director of KAC, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, prayed that the authorities would pursue all reasonable efforts to investigate, apprehend, and punish those who are guilty of committing these reprehensible crimes against humanity.


The KAC Board, in an extraordinary meeting, pledged to oppose those who would resort to violence in order to pursue whatever ends they claimed.  Reports indicating that terrorists specifically targeted Western tourists further aggravate enlightened sensibilities.  Targeted victimization of innocents has no justification and encourages retribution from any and all quarters.  To that end, the KAC hopes that all India’s citizenry allows for a cooling period and hopes that communal harmony prevails during this troubling time in India’s history.

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