Kiran Omar


Kiran Omar had submitted an article for the December issue of INSAF Bulletin; she felt the issue should focus on Mumbai episode.

I think the December  issue should focus on the Mumbai horror. It is simply disgusting the kind of cowardice was demonstrated by the terrorists. The massacre of innocent people is the supreme act of cowardice.


We too are deeply saddened by the loss of our client, Dr. Michael Moss. Vasudevan Govindarajan had arranged this trip for him and a traveling companion and he was at the very end of his tour, due to return home on Monday. I spoke to Dr. Moss on Tuesday past, he called from Goa and sounded very happy with his trip, and made some transport arrangements for Mumbai. He had gone 2 years ago to India for the first time and fell in love with the country and the people, and was very excited about going back and traveling to the South.


A very fine, kind and jovial person he was. Indeed such a tragedy and great loss for his patients (he was a family physician here in Montreal). Such a waste of a useful life so tragically ended by cowards and useless scum. Please go ahead with the Dec. issue on Mumbai, it is too important a tragedy. I will ensure I have future contributions ready by the 25th of each month.






{Kiran Omar is a Pakistani  Canadian social activists and political analyst based in Montreal;]

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