Karkare family shuns Rs. 10 million offer from Narendra Modi, the orchestrator of Gujarat anti-Muslim pogrom.


Hemant Karkare, the Chief of the Anti-Terrorist Squad, which was investigating the Malegaon terrorist blast was killed during the Mumbai terrorist attack. The Malegaon episode incriminates Hindu terrorists (see item 7. And now Hindu terrorists? By Asghar Ali Engineer) and the role of Sadhvi Pragnya.  Karekar’s  funeral, which was delayed so his two daughters could arrive from the US and UK, was attended by thousands of mourners. Leaders of the Sangh Parivar like Advani and Narendra Modi who were denouncing Karekar suddenly changed their tune. Modi offered Rs. 10 million as a compensation to the Karekar family.  The family refused to accept the  reward from this butcher of Gujarat Muslims.

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