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A new political formation in UP, Jan Sangharsh Morcha (JSM),  held a massive rally in Lucknow on November  10 . It aims as a third alternative to the two  existing parties, one  led by the Chief Minister Mayawati and the other by the ex-Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav. JSM will field candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2009 and explore the possibility of all-India platform.



On July 20, a meeting of various representatives of mass movements and political leaders, who are not affiliated with any ruling alliance, took place in Lucknow and founded Jan Sangharsh Morcha (JSM) as a third political stream in opposition to Samajwadi Party of  Mulayam Singh Yadav and the Bahujan Samaj Party of the present Chief Minister Mayawati. JSM decided to also explore the possibilities of forming a federal, democratic, united front at national level for national political opposition and alternative.    Leftist leader Akhilendra Pratap Singh was elected the Coordinator.


This new formation organized the Jan Sangharsh Ekta (United People’s struggle) Rally in Lucknow on November  10 focusing on the agenda of Daam Bandho, Kaam Do (check price rise, provide jobs),  persecution of North Indians and Muslims in Mumbai, burning issues of peasantry including scrapping of SEZ Act 2005 and Ganga Expressway, social justice for Dalits-Adivasis, most backward classes and Muslims.  According to the news, the rally was attended by thousands of people representing ever growing number of democratic political streams from all parts of the state.


With its slogan for a ‘third alternative in UP and political Opposition at national level’, Jan Sangharsh Morcha decided to contest  the coming Parliament elections. The names of candidates will be declared at a rally in Lucknow, the capital of UP in February 2009.


The following political resolutions were adopted at the November 10 rally:


1-Expressing deep concern over the murderous assaults and killings of north Indians in Maharashtra, people assembled in JSM rally demand resignation of  Shiv Raj Patil, Home Minister of the Central Govt. which has completely failed in providing security to its citizens. We strongly condemn Congress Party for its overt and covert help to the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. Raj Thakre phenomenon has reaffirmed the truth that communal fascist politics of RSS and BJP is anti-national. In fact it is ideology of national disintegration and citizens of the country must beware of it. The rally also underscores that it is the scarcity of jobs and the prevailing sense of insecurity among the people that provides fertile ground for the regional chauvinist and fascist politics of Raj Thakre variety which ultimately threatens our national unity. In this context leaders like Mayavati, Mulayam, Nitish and Laloo can not escape their share of responsibility as it is because of their policies that UP and entire North India remains destined to suffer as backward BIMARU states. Consequently unemployed job seekers from these states are forced to migrate to Maharashtra, Assam or other parts of the country and face fascist attacks. So amidst the unfolding world-wide recession further aggravating the already explosive situation in our country, Rally resolves to intensify Daam Bandho-Kaam DO(Check Price-Rise, Provide Jobs) campaign, not only for checking prices and guaranteeing jobs but to ensure national unity and integrity.  


2-The arrest of military officers in connection with Malegaon blast has confirmed the worst apprehensions of the democratic opinion in the country that terrorism is primarily rooted in the establishment itself. In their vested political-economic interest, people sitting at the helm of the affairs in the country and their agencies are responsible for the poisonous fascist campaign and it is these people on the top who have become danger for the safety, security and unity of the country as well as for peace and tranquility in the society. Terrorism is not sponsored by any common citizen of  Hindu or Muslim community  The rally reiterates that RSS ideology is inimical to national interest and whatever lip-service they do in the name of patriotism, essentially it is an ideology of national disintegration and people under its ideological influence may stoop to such low levels that even sitting at higher positions in an institution like Indian military which is supposed to protect national integrity and ensure security of the country and people, they sponsor Malegaon like blasts to kill their own  innocent countrymen and spread terrorism.


3-Rally demands that al-round assault on democracy in Mayavati regime must stop. Even dharna-demonstrations etc are not being permitted at district HQs. At various places democratic movements

are being crushed and even human rights activists are not being spared. Rally demands that Mayavati Govt. must refrain from banning political activities and withdraw all fake cases against political activists, mass leaders and human rights activists.


4-In the name of meeting the challenge of financial crisis and recession, which is basically result of the policies of governments and corporate houses, now they are resorting to retrenchment of workers-employees and making life still harder for the peasants and poor. Obviously, this path is suicidal and will further aggravate the crisis. Rally demands that the direction of economic policies must be reversed. There ought not be retrenchment of a single worker or employee. In fact public investment must be increased manifold and new job avenues should be created in order to effectively meet the crisis.

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