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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday said that some incidents of violence such as lynchings were actually being branded to defame India, Hindu society and create fear among some communities.


RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday said that incidents of violence such as lynchings were actually being branded to defame India, Hindu society. “They want to create a fight between the two communities by dragging the Sangh name in the incidents,” said Mohan Bhagat. The RSS chief was speaking at the foundation day celebrations at Maharashtra’s Nagpur.


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday patted the back of the Narendra Modi government and said that the government has the strength to take strong steps to take the country ahead. While addressing the Vijayadashami celebrations in Nagpur, Mohan Bhagwat backed the government for making attempts to bring the economy back on track.


However, he urged the government to take quick and stern action against those who break the law and disrupt peace in the country.


The RSS chief said there was an attempt to foster differences between communities based on language, caste and religion. “India’s respect is growing in the International arena but there are some people who do not like it. Then, they create trouble in India. What does the retaliatory power of society look like? In India’s unity is its retaliatory power.”


Mohan Bhagwat claimed that while several communal incidents are reported on a daily basis, not all were true. The RSS chief said that no one community could be blamed for the incidents and in several cases, there was no communal angle to the crime.


Bhagwat devoted a substantial amount of time from his hour-long speech on mob lynching as he claimed that RSS name was being dragged into the debate.


“No one from Sangh gets into such troubles. If such activities are about to happen then they, in fact, try to stop it,” Bhagwat said. He added that associating Hindu and Sangh with such activities was a conspiracy.


Further elaborating on the word lynching he said that old stories related to this come from a sacred book that was prepared outside this country. “So this does not have anything to do with Hindu religion,” Bhagwat said.


According to the RSS chief, the word lynching comes from an incident in the Bible where Jesus Christ told people to hit a woman with stones only if they had never committed any sin in their pasts.


The RSS chief said that India had no such history as Indian culture taught peaceful co-existence.


“Our ancient stories say that when two communities fought for water, then amicable solutions were provided and the issues were resolved,” said Bhagwat. Calling mob lynching a word that has been imposed on India from a foreign land, the RSS chief said Indians have a chance to live peacefully and set an example for the world.


Mohan Bhagwat further added that mob lynchings were acts of a small crowd that should face a strong legal action.


Mohan Bhagwat’s statement that RSS had no links to mob lynching incidents received political backlash as Congress and AIMIM termed it a falsehood.


Reacting to Bhagwat’s statement AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted, “The victims were Indians. Who garlanded convicts? Who draped them in (tricolour)? We have a Godse loving BJP MP. There can’t be bigger defamation of India than an ideology that killed Gandhi/Tabrez. Bhagwat isn’t saying stop lynching, he’s saying don’t call it that’.”


On the other hand Maharashtra Congress leader Sachin Sawant is reported to have said, “It is as much a lie to say that RSS has nothing to do with lynchings as it is a lie to say that RSS is a cultural organisation, is anti-casteist, pro-reservation and respects the Constitution and tricolour. Spreading falsehood is the ideology of the Sangh Parivar.”



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