Based in a report sent by VK Tripathi


Members of Sadbhav Samiti go door to door enquiring about their hardship and popularizing people centric nationalism as opposed to religious nationalism and persuade for communal harmony.



The nation lives in its people who earn their living through hard work, help each other and behave in truthful and simple way. They played key role in the freedom struggle. However, fruits of freedom have not yet reached them. They are outside the mainstream of education, economy and polity. They are fearful of rioters, terrorists, police and administration. Let us feel affinity with these masses and strengthen their unity so that they could wipe out fear and marginalization.




* We go door to door in groups of two.


* Enquire about peoples’ hardships and apprehensions.


* Give them this pamphlet on people centric nationalism and harmony.


* Invite them to one hour Shanti Path in the locality same evening.


* Do cleaning for an hour in the locality.


* Organize Shanti Path – 1/2 hour collective singing of Sufi Saint kalaams (statements) and one-half hour discussion on issues related to peoples’ unity.


* Create Sadbhav Samiti for the locality.


Resist sectarianism with the force of the soul and strengthen unity of the masses.



People-Centric Nationalism: In the beginning of twentieth century nationalism was the liberating force against slavery. Masses were at its focus and it was they who carried the struggle. Nationalism had no narrowness. It was a cementing force between freedom struggles in different countries. Masses of the world are one, was its motto. By the turn of the century a draconian kind of elite-centric nationalism has taken over. It asserts the authority of ethnic/religious majority identifies itself with the multi-nationals and elite of the world and accentuates exploitation of the masses of all communities. Ethnic cleansing, of the sort witnessed in Gujrat, is its symptom. Godhra train attack was also the symbol of same barbarism. No nation can survive on the mercy of hooligans and killers. We will have to awaken the dormant souls of our masses and redefine and assert people-centric nationalism.


Basic Principles of People Centric Nationalism: Right to live with freedom and dignity,  Non-Partisan Administration, Economic Self Reliance,  People-Centric Education, Foreign Policy of Mutual Cooperation,  Equality and  Self-Introspection.: We develop a culture so that people could see their own weaknesses, see the agony of others and also see on whose hard work their affluences are sustained.


Resist the Forces of Division of the Masses: We live in different families. Our religions, castes, languages etc. are different. Yet there is compassion that binds us with each other. From compassion emanates passion for freedom and equality. However, we have one bad element too- the element of pride. Any pride, whether it is of wealth, muscle power, political power, religion, caste or nation, destroys the soul, cripples harmony, and strengthens exploitation and violence.


The most potent and cunning element that breaks the unity of the masses is the tendency to perpetuate exploitation. Many among the classes that are rich on the hard work of others have assumed their affluence to be their right and are blind towards the exploitation of the masses. They can not tolerate people’s unity and efforts to curb exploitation, hence indulge in polarizing them on the basis of caste and religion. Communalism is the weapon of such people. They turn religion, that preaches service, compassion and melting of ego, into an instrument of arrogance, demonstration, hatred and violence. Caste based exploitation has been perpetuated by such people for thousands of years.




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