The following is the text of a petition urging for peace. It is followed by the links that may be used to sign on.


We are people with origins or roots in India and Pakistan. We are women, men, children, youth, students, workers, care-givers, teachers, doctors, researchers, engineers and scientists. We may follow different religions, or may not follow any religion, but we know each other well because of our cultural roots, the foods we like and cook together in our homes or at picnics in our parks.


We are deeply concerned with the alarming war clouds in the Indian subcontinent. What is happening today in India and Pakistan has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with sabre-rattling between the governments of the two nations. It is an exercise in political brinkmanship, attempting to influence the oncoming elections, stirring the pot with violence.


We may not live in India and Pakistan but we live in harmony with Indian and Pakistani origin sisters and brothers, wherever we are.  At this very dangerous time, we resolutely oppose all forces in the sub-continent and within the community that try to break the bonds between us by inciting extremist,  ultranationalist intolerance.  We will encourage the amity and closeness we have always had. We will take action in our communities with peace gatherings and rallies, large or small to demonstrate our collective abhorrence of war-mongering and our commitment to peace and justice.



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