Kaleem Kawaja


On behalf of the large number of Muslims from India who live in North America, the Association of Indian Muslims of America condemns in the strongest terms the recent release of the first part of the Justice Nanavati Commission report, into the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat in February/March 2003.


This interim report has surmised that Chief Minister Narendra Modi had no responsibility in the said genocide in which more than 2,000 Muslims were killed and more than 100,000 were rendered homeless as their houses were destroyed by the marauders.  Justice Nanavati is an associate of Narendra Modi, whom Mr Modi had hand-picked in 2002 under pressure from the then Indian Government to conduct the said enquiry.


Many court cases in which some marauders related to the above mentioned genocide have been tried in courts of law outside Gujarat, have demonstrated that Chief Minister Modi connived with the said marauders, shielded them from being prosecuted and obstructed those police officials in Gujarat state who tried to stop the said mayhem and protect the innocent victims.  Many reputed Indian human rights groups and the mainstream Indian media has furnished plenty of documentary evidence including video footage of confessions of the marauders in this context.   


Thus the above mentioned findings of Justice Nanavati are a tissue of lies that violates the basic concept of justice and fairplay enshrined in the Indian Constitution.  We appeal to the President of India to dismiss the Justice Nanavati Commission and ask the Central Bureau of Investigation to conduct an independent enquiry in the said 2002 genocide in the state of Gujarat. 



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