Montreal, June 26, 2017 – The Fédération des Femmes du Québec (FFQ) is outraged and deeply distressed by the remarks made by Premier Philippe Couillard on June 22 : “Islam cannot be dissociated from the acts committed in its name “.


“You cannot disconnect terrorism from Islam “. Such an amalgam is shameful! Is it really necessary to recall that not all terrorists are Muslims and that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists?


In the current climate of the rise of racism here and in many other countries, Islamophobic statements, fueled by a certain populism, acquire a certain “legitimacy”. Also, the words of the Premier, pronounced in this social context, are particularly pernicious. This is not just a question of political correctness. For some people, it is a matter of dignity and security, and even of life and death.


Let us recall that the prevailing climate of Islamophobia has serious effects on Muslims living in Quebec, regardless of their origins. Muslim women are subjected to contempt (spit on) and aggressive gestures (jostling or pushing violently) to the point where they stand far from the metro rails. Mothers fear for the safety of their children.


After the massacre of Quebeckers of Muslim faith in the mosque of Quebec City, there was a great surge of solidarity, especially on the part of the elected representatives. However, after the comments of Monsieur Couillard on June 22, the words pronounced in January sound hollow. Is the Liberal Party joining the populist wave for electoral purposes? We ask Premier Couillard to correct his remarks quickly so as not to fuel the current trend of racism and Islamophobia.


The FFQ is in solidarity with the struggles for a plural and inclusive society where all can live in dignity.

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