PIPFPD expresses its concern over the growing tensions between India and Pakistan following militants’ attack on strategically important army base in Uri, Jammu & Kashmir. The leadership of both the countries needs to urgently act towards defusing the tense scenario rather than fuelling it.


We appeal to the saner voices of both the countries to play a pro-active role in bringing some sense to the rulers. There cannot be any other option to bring peace in the sub-continent but dialogue. Islamabad and New Delhi need to take some serious and sincere efforts to build an atmosphere of trust and initiate that process. While Pakistan needs to be more convincing in its fight against terrorism and terrorists operating from its soil, India needs to shun the policy of dealing with Kashmir militarily and brutally.


Indian government needs to begin dialogue with all the stakeholders in Jammu & Kashmir to normalize the situation. To create a conducive atmosphere for dialogue, Indian government needs to end human rights violations in Kashmir, stop use of pellet guns and release all innocent prisoners including human rights defender, Khurram Parvez, who was re-arrested under PSA after High Court directed that he be released.


We strongly feel that a sectarian approach for the domestic consumption will harm everyone in the long run. Sentiment is running high in India since Uri was attacked. Rather than ‘exploiting’ sentiments of the people, India and Pakistan should come forward and see that such dastardly attacks do not happen again.


Jatin Desai (General Secretary, PIPFPD India ),

Anuradha Bhasin & Asha Hans (Co-Chairpersons, PIPFPD India)

I.A Rehman (Chairperson, PIPFPD Pakistan)

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September 23, 2016

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