DR. DAYA RAM VARMA (August 23, 1929 – March 22, 2015)



It is with great sadness that we announce the demise of the Founding Editor of INSAF Bulletin, Dr. Daya Ram Varma, who passed away on March 22, 2015 after a battle with lung cancer.  By any measure, Daya was an extraordinary person: he was a leading scientist and researcher in the challenging field of pharmacology, he had a deep and abiding commitment to secular, democratic and progressive politics in India and South Asia and among the South Asian diaspora in North America, and he was an extremely warm and generous person, ready to give his time and energy to whoever, wherever and whenever someone needed help. While we deeply mourn his passing, we also recall and celebrate the long, rich, and productive life he lived.


Daya founded INSAF Bulletin.  This issue, which marks the completion of 13 years of uninterrupted monthly publication of INSAF Bulletin, is being published in two parts.  Both parts are devoted to the memory of Daya and carry tributes to him from his immediate family, friends and comrades, and professional colleagues and students.

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