Zaibun and Mariam Pasha


You found us one winter day in the labyrinthine corridors of Royal Victoria, sitting at the edge of our seats, with fingers crossed, waiting to find out if our father would recover. We were looking for an apartment for ourselves but were finding it hard given the season, our limited resources and time. You heard of us through a common friend of my father’s, Vinod Mubayi, and wasted no time in finding us. Amidst all that uncertainty you offered us your home and your support and we accepted.


What followed was an enchanting time in which we got to know and love the two most beautiful and extraordinary people we have ever come across. After work you often picked up Shree and us from the hospital. We would spend the evenings around the kitchen savouring Shree’s wonderful food, talking about our day, sometimes playing scrabble and analysing the pitfalls of South Asian politics. Friends and family, Rahul, Dipti, Aziz and many others would drop by. It was a home full of light and love. Your beloved Mischief would follow you around, watching you prepare his favourite food and we would watch in awe the connection and love you had for so many in life.


Your kindness and warmth was beyond comparison; your balance, calmness and humbleness, amazing and your strength and political and social convictions inspiring. In contrast with your gentle, soft spoken manner your opinions were always unwavering and clear. You never said anything you did not mean and had nothing to prove but be your true, pure self. You stood for a world full of humanity, understanding and acceptance. With a wealth of worldly accomplishments to your name you had what few possess, a heart of gold. We are writing this, the first of many letters we will post to you. To begin with we wanted to let you know kay app sa aur kabhi nahein mila ga humain (we will never meet anyone else like you).


With love and gratitude, yours forever.

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