Sylvain Chemtob


I first met Dr Varma in 1985 when my PhD supervisor at the time (Jack Aranda) felt that I would benefit from a solid co-supervison through Daya’s involvement. Indeed I did, and very quickly I began to spend more time in his lab. Daya taught me how to write scientific reports (grants and papers). In this context I experienced a humbling event for my first paper as a PhD student. After having submitted my paper unsuccessfully to various journals, despite its approval by my main supervisor (Aranda), I finally decided to get a second opinion by consulting Daya. Daya gladly accepted and told me he would get back to me soon. Indeed, one week later, Daya asked to see me; upon meeting me, he said: “I hope you will not be offended, but the only text I left untouched is your name” – the paper was submitted and immediately accepted with minor revisions. Since, Daya and I co-authored 95 peer-reviewed papers.


Over the years, my relation with Daya was transformed, as he became a mentor, a friend and even a second father figure, as I shared many personal life events with him. I owe a lot of my achievements to this honorable man; I was privileged that my life crossed this wonderful man.


We have lost a highly intelligent and profoundly kind man; he carried very well his name in this respect. But deep inside, he shall remain in spirit in my life.


Daya we will miss you dearly.

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