Romir Chatterjee


Daya’s life will always be a testament to the unending quest for social justice.  His approach gave real meaning to the term ‘scientific socialism’: an approach to building a new world based on a verifiable understanding of events, as distinct from dogma.  He applied this approach to all that he did, and to his own role as a committed communist.


In the many debates in which he participated, this approach came through. There was always an underlying humility;  he understood better than most, that one’s understanding of the world in which we live is always imperfect, at best of times, but that this should not discourage acting to bring about change.  To convince himself, and others of the rightness of any particular approach he resorted to reason rather than invective: he was a true organizer.


IPANA brought me into contact with many fine and dedicated people; I count it among the rarest of privileges to have come to know Daya, not only as a visionary activist, but equally as a warm and caring person.   A few years ago, I had the opportunity of seeing Daya after a gap of many years.  It was so reassuring to learn that he remained as dedicated, optimistic, productive and engaged in his eighties as he had been in his younger days. My memories of him will remain an inspiration and a source of sustenance to me, always.

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