Felicitas Santiago


I read the numerous pouring of condolence and reminiscence of the ways Daya had affected and impressed people whose lives he had affected…  The Indian diaspora has lost a bright light in the political, intellectual, social and extended-familial atmosphere in these parts of our present world.


His ideals, hard work, dedication and focus- to what is right, fair, and equal to all segments of the global Indo-Pak communities will remain. His E-zine INSAF BULLETIN, ideas and writings will remain in the thoughts of the readers whose minds he had fed and nourished in those past twelve years. I have a copy of his history of medicine book in our home library. Now, people left behind will pick up the torch, move on and walk, run and race to the same idealism that bonded all together.


We last saw Daya, during the surprise 70th Birthday celebration I threw for Vinod, in World’s Fair Marina Banquet Hall, 10/01/11. Daya drove from home and stayed overnight in Manhattan, where he, Vinod and the old out-of-state friends caught up with lots of personal and INSAF news. Shree and Daya both drove the distance to come, and to join us in our 9/23/89 belated NJ reception, our 9/11 post- wedding celebration. We all were just a few dancing steps ahead of Hurricane Hugo as he blew in and pelted the NE-seaboard of the US that same night. What wonderful snippets of life looking back, our memoir with Shree and Daya— happy, valuable and irreplaceable.

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