Anil Srivastava


I often talk in my head with Daya, ever since I met him in Montreal, and his book and another book he gave me on history of medicine, are on my desk my constant companion to help me get a leg up in an area I know so little about. I was taken aback to hear about his passing away and that I will not get to talk to him.


He was such a convivial and committed person. The little inkling I got through our conversation about his social concerns and his passion for issues that he was engaged in, made me convinced that it is all right to pursue ideas that do not bring personal gains but move forward the human agenda.


Recently I have been in conversation with a scientist in Bhopal who has been frustrated with the way the Bhopal tragedy is being dealt with. I was thinking of introducing her to Daya because of his deep understanding of socio-scientific grasp.  We need more people like him to repair the world.

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