Kiran Omar


We were all so very sad to hear of dear Daya’s passing. May he rest in eternal peace and Grace.  Arif and I have lovely memories of him visiting Norko whenever he was in town, even on visits from NFLD he would stop by, have a cup of tea with us then then proceed toy our house. Always smiling gently and brushing off questions about his health.


He was at peace with himself and was ready for whatever life threw at him. I am sure he went peacefully and confidently into the light.


Your loss is immeasurable, but your memories of him will help him live on. The love he shared with Alia, will keep him “alive” for the next generation too.  We are feeling as sorrowful as if we too have lost a beloved family member. Daya mentored and inspired so many of us to broaden our horizons, open our minds and be better people. He taught us to value knowledge and cherish human rights. He was a fearless fighter of the downtrodden and gave voice to the voiceless. His legacy will endure forever and be a beacon of hope and source of inspiration for generations to come.

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