Iqbal Niazi


I opened my Yahoo account this evening to read the April issue of Insaf and was shocked and numbed to know that Daya Ram had passed away more than 20 days ago. I do not find words to express the sorrow for the loss of a friend of more than 60 years – a friend like Daya.- one of  those very  few to whom I could  share my deepest feelings freely.

I had a little role in getting him to McGill in 1959 and we had maintained a continuous contact all these years through every means of communication  – post, telephone, email and physically whenever possible. The subject title of our emails to each other was usually “guftugu band na ho” and now there will be such guftugu no more. In the death of Daya you have also lost a close friend. Allow me to share my sorrow with yours.

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