Vidya Bhushan Rawat


I write…in great shock when I received the news of sad demise of Prof Daya Varma. Though I had not met him yet, as a person working with people on secularism and social justice, I knew him. Of course, I have also been writing on these issues for the past 16 years.

Interesting thing was that my dear friend Prof Shiva Shankar introduced him to me as I was working in eastern UP with the most marginalised communities of manual scavengers and Mushahars. He was very happy and promised support to our organisation Social Development Foundation, Delhi. I never realised how fast he was. With in a few days he asked me to give him details of our organisation as he wanted to send the money in support of the girls from these sections of society as we are working in Kushingar and Ghazipur district both close to Azamgarh his native place.

I came to know about his passing away from my friend Harsh Kapoor’s tribute and I confirm with him on phone. It was a shocking news. In the past one year, we have seen passing away of staunch supporters of secularism in India. These are jolts but we must carry on the legacy of people like Prof Daya Varma.

Please do keep in touch and we will keep the memory of Prof Varma alive. I don’t’ know which is his village exactly but whenever friends or his family would like, please let us know and we will do our best to organise and support.

Prof Varma’s life was extraordinary and I hope those associated will write some tribute to him.

There was no mechanism for us to know about his death.  Thank you for providing these hearty tributes. Please convey our regards to his family…Our solidarity for the cause that Prof Varma espoused and we must rededicate ourselves for that. We hope to carry it forward.

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