A statement by the Association of Indian Muslims of America

(sent by Kaleem Kawaja)


We have learned with much sorrow that in recent months several Hindu temples in Malaysia have been demolished to make way for the government’s development projects. The government of Malaysia has explained that these temples were built on government land without obtaining the government’s approval.


Most Hindus in Malaysia are émigrés from Southern India who form a small minority there. Over the years they built these temples in order to preserve their religious faith and heritage. Despite the Malaysian government’s claim, it is unconscionable to demolish places of worship of any religious faith. On behalf of many Indian Muslims we appeal to the Malaysian government to make adjustments in their development plans in consultation with the local Hindu population, to either relocate or preserve these temples.


Islam clearly forbids Muslims from taking such actions. The early history of Islam elaborates that with the guidance of prophet Mohammad, as the Islamic empire expanded rapidly, his successors took extra care to not harm any places of worship of non-Muslims. Today that should be a guide for all Muslims, especially governments of Muslim majority countries.

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