Com Space Research Organiation (ISRO) launched its Mars mission on November 5, 2013 by the Congress-led UPA government. It has now successfully entered into Mars orbit, a great achievement in space science. Below are two comments.


Comment #1:

Feeling proud as an Indian. But also feeling great as a citizen of the world. It’s heartening to see that this is being celebrated not just in India but even by our brothers on the other side of the border who have joined our celebrations. The success shows that it’s not just the super-rich countries but even developing countries can aspire and touch the heavens. As an Indian, I hope that our space programs benefit the entire sub-continent and not just India.

If politics, extremism, needless bickering and weapon brandishing could be done away, we could jointly achieve so much.



Congratulations to the common man of south asia. Let our scientists from these giant nations i.e., India and Pakiastan join hands together for such an impossible tasks in the future. why do we waste our money unncecessarily on nuclear weapons. Let’s start a new era of brotherhood. Let the leaders from both the countries think and act like the common man from these two nations and do more miracles combined. It’s nice to read comments from our Pakistani brothers who whole heartedly are wishing our Mars Mission success. Who said Pakistan people hate India or Indian people hate Pakistan. Let the Almighty pour the blessings on these two countries and make them to live together by breaking the walls of separation and hatred.

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