We said it would be the biggest ever UK demonstration for Gaza. And it was.


Many thanks to everyone who joined the UK’s biggest ever demonstration for Gaza in London on Saturday 9 August. You will know what an incredible show of solidarity it was for the people of Gaza, who have suffered four weeks of barbaric Israeli attacks that have killed 2000 Palestinians, over 400 of them children, and injured 10,000 more.  The turnout was so huge that when the front of the march reached Hyde Park, the end of the march had not left the assembly point at BBC Broadcasting House. It took nearly two hours for all the marchers to reach the park for the rally.


For a report, fantastic photos and videos capturing the day, see:


For once, we go decent media coverage, including from the BBC, which had a live must-see interview with Tariq Ali, in which he brilliantly explains why there is so much anger at the BBC’s coverage of Gaza. See the interview here:


Also a must see is the video of Barnaby Raine’s speech, a nineteen-old Jewish student who organise a Jewish Bloc to march on Saturday. The video is included in the page reporting the demonstration, here:


Sign the letter to the Guardian for its advert that calls those in Gaza opposing Israel ‘child killers’


So enraged are people over the Guardian’s decision to print a wildly inaccurate and inflammatory advert from supporters of the state of Israel branding the forces in Gaza opposing Israel as ‘child killers’, that a Stop the War letter condemning the decision has got over 80,000 signatures within three hours today. Please read the letter, look at the advert, and if you are as appalled as those signing in their tens of thousands, add your name too. See letter and advert, and to sign, here:


Our Gaza campaign needs your support


Our members and supporters have responded magnificiently in the past weeks to our fund raising drive to finance our Gaza campaign, and this has enabled us to help mobilise three huge demonstrations and other protests for Gaza. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed.


However, our resources — both human and financial — have been stretched to near snapping point by the need to respond appropriately to the scale of Israel’s crimes in Gaza. We are therefore asking again, all our members and supporters who can afford it, to make a donation to our Emergency Gaza Appeal. Please give as generously as you can.


* Donate online  here:

* OR by calling 020 7561 4830

* OR post cheque made payable to Stop the War Coalition, 86 Durham Road, London N7 7DT

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