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MARU together with the University of British Columbia is currently engaged in conducting a study to document experiences of people living under heightened security practices in Canada.


The MARU society & UBC Faculty of Law is undertaking an anonymous & confidential study of the experiences of people in British Columbia Canada who have felt unwarrantedly targeted & have received unsolicited preferential & or discriminatory treatment by police & security agencies.


The study aims to create a focal point for energies to both critically examine & advise government on policy & the lived realities of the practice of racial profiling & or discriminatory treatment as they manifest themselves currently in Canada.


The two investigators for this study are Canada Research Chair in Migration & Law Dr. Catherine Dauvergne, & Zool Suleman, Lawyer & Director of the MARU Society  This study is funded by the Law Foundation of British Columbia, & RIM (Research on Immigration & Integration in the Metropolis).


The primary goals of this study are as follows:


Provide an open public document on the impact of racial profiling, on the inclusion or discrimination experienced by Canadian citizens & immigrants or refugees in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland, through their own voices.  Personal identity information of will never be collected recorded or revealed.


To submit a report & make recommendations via submissions to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) “Fairness Initiative”. The CBSA is one of the key agencies dealing with security issues. CBSA has primary responsibility for Canada’s borders, ports of entry, passenger screening, & other functions. The Fairness Initiative of the CBSA is seeking public input on a variety of issues. It is intended that the findings of this study will provide input in the form of a public document submitted to the CBSA.


It is intended that the voices of those who participate in the study will aid to promote greater public awareness education & information about the impact of Canada’s national security policy.


If you have experienced unwarranted security targeting please share your experiences with us in a confidential informal discussion & contribute to the process of positive change & equal treatment.  No personal identity information will be collected or recorded from you.  (Info:

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