The RSS and others are delusional and damn wrong to certify BSP’s win as Hindu Social Engineering. First and foremost, it was they who pioneered and profited from Hindu Social Engineering in philistine and perverse ways in state after state. The credit of invention goes to them and the right to intellectual property (patent) is entirely theirs.


What Mayawati (BSP) has done in UP, what has caused shudders in the status quoist usurpers of power, and fiercely fluttered the saffronazi dovecotes, is farthest from the Hindu Social Engineering, the diabolical project to which Hindutva is religiously tied.


Embarrassed in being shown the door with a massive boo by the perceptive electorate in Uttar Pradesh so unceremoniously, close to wholesale eclipse, and kicked hard in the rump, the shell-shocked Hindutva hegemons are desperately seeking to save face by explaining away their humiliating rejection.


Hindu Social Engineering is a sour and bitter ascription of the BSP win, cooked malefically by the media and political punters, which is owned by and is pledged in perpetuity to the minority of elitist power grabbers, presumed to be divinely enthroned.


Mayawati rejected Hindutva and its malevolent agenda of Hindu Social Engineering, another pompous synonym of Hindutva, deceitfully coined in desperation. She is not pandering to Hindutva soft- or hardcore which, in any form, is a criminal cult, a predatory enterprise, and a political conspiracy of Manu’s progeny and Methuselah’s brittle remains. She has rejected Hindutva as a national disgrace and a social pathology.


What she has done is, in terms of electoral strategy, a shrewd and timely political engineering of a very inclusive and democratic kind, nationally necessary and socially desirable.


In the short term, for the myopia-handicapped, it may appear to be electoral engineering with immediate reference to UP elections. But spread India-wide, and marching on, as it must, it would assume its full stature in not too distant a future, as nothing less than monumental Socio-political Engineering, which is what it

aims at.


Is she (Mayawati) an opportunist? Yes, unambiguously. Recall her visit to Gujarat stumping for Modi, a well-known fascist, an odious figure, who is a disgrace to India. She did not hesitate joining hands with Manuvadi BJP and with Lohiaite SP, and phase by phase, stage by stage, it is she who rose to heights she had envisioned for herself. And they – BJP and SP – were all thrown into an abyss progressively deeper. Her touch shrank them, dwarfed them into pitiable creatures.


Why cavil at her victory so shrewdly planned and so patiently pursued? Until Bahujan Samaj is given due recognition and accommodation in social and political terms, just by dint and in consequence of its numerical majority, until this age-long iniquity is buried deep in history’s trash heap, and substantively atoned for, the diversionary solicitude suddenly being shown for Sarvajan would sound hollow and disingenuous.


Hadn’t we had enough already of Sarvodaya, the first incarnation of Sarvajan?


Bahujan must not be trusted chronically to suffer from short memory, ever amenable to manipulation, and vulnerable to crocodile tears.

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