Thanks for posting INSAF bulletin to our mail.  I read some of the responses of some of our friends.  It appears to us from our experience that Indian “left” and “democratic” organizations and parties are not serious about the danger of fascist rule coming at the center in India.


They are fighting amongst each other and where they have no strength to place their own candidates, they are not helping the candidates for defeating BJP-led alliance.  Some of the “left” parties like Peasants and Workers Party in Maharashtra have taken support of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena of Raj Thakre in the elections and when everybody knows that Raj Thankre is openly supporting Modi.  To support the Congress-led alliance candidate is considered by the “left” as something like betrayal of Marxism etc.  They don’t understand that one can remain as a big pressure group and go on fighting determined struggle against Congress-led government, go on increasing your base and only giving conditional support on the basis of your own program could help prevent fascism coming to power as well as expanding your movement by protecting the movement.  We don’t understand how to convince them about this kind of unity even after (in case) BJP alliance comes to power and Modi becomes prime minister, We are going to make an attempt with our limited strength in Maharashtra for this kind of unity.


By the way, it was so sad that we couldn’t meet when you were in Mumbai.  I tried to phone Wahid’s brother on the phone number you gave but there was no response, and I couldn’t do anything but go to rural areas after my program in Mumbai was over.  Anyway, I’d like to meet whenever it is possible when you come back or if we come to US.




Bharat Patankar and Gail Omvedt

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