Maoist chairman Prachanda has said that the main priority of his party after having joined the interim cabinet will be to ensure that elections to the Constituent Assembly take place in a free, fair and fearless environment.


Talking to reporters after his ministers took oath of office, chairman Prachanda said that his party will have other two priorities as well – to provide immediate relief to the people and to orient the state in the long-term towards the new process. “Let us not think that we have joined the old system. The formation of interim cabinet has started new process,” he said.


Prachanda also revealed that the eight party leaders have signed an understanding whereby they have agreed to depose monarchy if the latter is found engaged in conspiring to derail the CA polls – by two-third of the legislative parliament. Prachanda said the Maoist ministers will now get security from the state. “There is no more two states now,” he said





Feb 1996— Launch armed struggle


July 2001— Step up violence, first Ceasefire agreement with government.


Aug 2001— First talks between government and the Maoists


Sept 2001— Second talks, 31 point demand including CA polls


2001 November— Four-month old truce ends, coordinated attacks in army posts in Dang, Solu, Arghakhanchi


January 2003— Second talks with Lokendra Bahadur Chand’s royalist government


Aug 2003— Maoists quit talks  with Surya Bahadur Thapa government 


April 2005— Secret talks with NC in New Delhito form anti-king alliance


Sept 2005— Maoists announce three-month ceasefire in SPA(Seven Party Alliance) call (later extended by a month)


Oct 2005— talks with SPA


November 2005— 12-point understanding signed with Seven Party Alliance


January 2006— Truce ended. Resumption of attacks nationwide


April 2006—join the general strikes with SPA call. King forced to give up powers, Parliament restored and new Govt. formed


25 April 2006— Maoists’ three month ceasefire


26 May 2006— 25-point code of conduct agreed with Govt.


16 June, 2006— Prachanda’s first public appearance


9 Aug 2006— Formal invitation to UN


8-15 Oct 2006— Summittalks with SPA, Date for CA polls sets for June


21 November 2006— Comprehensive Peace Agreement


8 Dec 2006— Agreement on arms and armies


15 January 2007— Agreement on Constitution, Join interim parliament


1 April 2007— Join government 

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