A public meeting was held at the International People’s Stadium in Baghdad on Saturday 31 March 2007, to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the Iraqi Communist Party.


The hall was packed with about 10,000 people despite the difficult security situation in the Iraqi capital. Central Committee members attended the event, with guest speakers representing the Iraqi President and the Parliament Speaker, as well as many messages from political parties, democratic and civil society organisations. It was significant that a large number of participants were young people.


The political and cultural program included speeches, poetry and songs. The Central Committee speech was delivered by Politburo member  Mohammed Jassim al-Labban.


Similar events took place in other provinces throughout Iraq, including Basra (about 2000 people attended), Nasseriyah, Diwaniyah, Hilla, Kut, Karbala, Najaf, Nineveh province, as well as Iraqi Kurdistan (Sulaimaniyah, Halabja), and many districts. Iraqi CP organisations abroad also celebrated this occasion.


The celebration this year has acquired a special significance, demonstrating once again the determination of Iraqi Communists and democrats to continue the fight to defeat anti-people forces, sectarian violence and terrorism, end the occupation, achieve full national sovereignty, and build a unified democratic and federal Iraq. 

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